Friday, 5 March 2010

It's FRIDAY!!!!

So I got in the car this morning and I thought I had missed the Mcfly day with Star Girl but to my surprise I hadn't so I stayed in the car park until the song had finished and I got the singing and dancing out of my system! It puts you in a great mood for your last day of the week!

It's all my family members birthdays this week so I have been buying pressies, I have bought my sister in law the Travalo Atomiser Bottle from Amazon. What a fab product, it lets you take around your favorite perfume in a small bottle. All you have to do is take the top off your perfume bottle so you are left with the straw looking part and slot the Travalo on top and pump the perfume into the chamber so you have perfume on the go!

I have now bought one for all my friends and my Mum has bought her self one, they can be taken on aeroplanes and have no glass so don't worry about it smashing in your bag.

Me being an idiot some how added two of them into my basket at amazon and didn't notice until they arrived. I was so impressed with Amazon's return system, it made it so easy 2 clicks and I had my returns number and label to send the item back. I sent these on Monday and the money has been credited today!

Fab product and fab service go check it out!!

N xoxo


  1. LOVE IT! this is such a good idea, i usually just weigh my bag down with the whole blimming bottle! cant wait to get one, thanks shopping addict x

  2. You've been Bag Tagged! Check out my post! Can't wait to see what's in yours!

    xx B @

  3. I've only just seen this tag!! I will do this tomorrow night :-) x