Friday, 30 July 2010

Bling Phone Covers

Hey Guys,

Sorry for the lack of posts again, my bad!

Well I have been paid and been spending my money again. I thought I'd tell you more about my iPhone cover, I have previously showed you it when I showed you the contents of my handbag. To remind you here it is again -

I bought this a while ago on ebay for £7! I get so many people saying how much they love it so I thought I'd treat my friend to one for her birthday. She has a Blackberry so I was unable to buy the Helly Kitty one as they didn't have it for her model but I found one just as cute! I ordered it on Monday and it was here on Wednesday! Check it out -

Sorry the image is bad I took it on my iPhone

This cost me about £7 and is such good quality I really recommend them, here is the link to the companies page on Ebay - CellbellWorld

As it's friday here is a little picture to make you smile, I went to have a shower the other night and I found this in there -

His name is Alfie and for some strange reason he loves to roll around in my shower :-)

Plans for the weekend are going to West Midlands Safari Park, a night in Birmingham and then shopping at the Bull Ring so I will up date you on my purchases!

What are your plans?

N x

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