Friday, 2 July 2010

River Island Double Ring


I hope you're well! It's FRIDAY wahooo!!!!!
So I've been at work today and decided to wear my double ring which I bought from River Island a couple of weeks ago. I always thought they looked a bit chavy until I saw the beautiful Lauren Conrad. If you haven't seen it here she is wearing it -

So I decided to buy myself one from River Island, it isn't as small as Lauren's but is feminine. One thing I didn't take in to account would be the issue of typing on the keyboard at work... hummm it wasn't easy!! Here is a picture of the ring in question -

I do like the ring but I'm thinking it's still a bit big, if anyone knows where I can get a smaller one that would be fab. I have been looking at personalised ones but not found one as small as Laurens.

Love to know what you think to double rings and if they should stay with the chavs or do look nice?

So the plan for the weekend is out for a meal with my friends from uni tonight, put together IKEA furniture tomorrow and go and see my boyfriends mate in a wrestling match tomorrow night (odd I no! haha)

Have a fab weekend and would love to see your comments!!

N x

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  1. ahh i have always wanted one like hers too, that ones looks great!